16 июня 2018 г.


The next session of the UNESCO Working Group on Comparative Study of Spiritual Traditions and Interreligious Dialogue was held with organizational support of ANAS Central Scientific Library.

The event was attended by UNESCO member countries from various countries - Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Law and Human Rights of ANAS, Director of the Caucasus History Center, Associate Professor of UNESCO Rizvan Huseynov, Alina Venkova, historian-archaeologist Tatyana Krupa from Ukraine, Teymur Sangulov, Director of the Archeological Research Center of A.H.Margulan State Pedagogical Institute and Roza Igibayeva, Director of the Scientific Library of Pavlodar State Pedagogical University, as well as the Central Scientific Library as an invited expert.

After the discussions, the Central Scientific Library was a member of the UNESCO Working Group "In search of the Sun". The working group supported the idea of ​​establishing an International Center for the Study, Protection and Population of Cultural and Historical Heritage within the Central Scientific Library, as well as taking the necessary preparations for the establishment of the UNESCO Chair. Also, the format and structure of the CSL's electronic catalog have been regarded as the basis for the UNESCO Working Group initial registrations.

It should be noted that at the first meeting of the UNESCO Working Group on April 24, 2018, the first session of the UNESCO Working Group on the study of the ethnographic and cultural heritage of the region, the preparation of the concept for the passport and protection, the need for preservation and restoration of monuments in the western region of Azerbaijan in the first phase of 2018 a project on the temporalization of ancient monuments, burial mounds, bridges (totemic stone sheep and horse statues) and temples.

It should be noted that the National Digital Memory Project on the Collection, Examination and Assurance of Nationwide Data for National Digital Memory from December 2017 is supported by the Science Development Fund under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The aim of the project is to collect, systematize, archive, place the database on the cultural-historical heritage of Azerbaijan (books, magazines, newspapers, brands, audio-video), present to users of modern Internet and other electronic services.