16 октября 2017 г.

“Yerevan is older than Rome” is just a fairy tale of Armenians that they strongly believe in and even circulate throughout the world. On the second Saturday in October, Armenia celebrates the fictitious anniversary of the establishment of Yerevan, and this year, the event occurs on the 14th. The Armenian side claims that Yerevan is 2,799 years old, saying the Armenian capital has been in existence for as many as 28 centuries. 

This myth was concocted in Armenia in order to prove their indigenousness in the Caucasus. As they mark the fictitious date, Armenians tell visitors the fairy tale about the Urartian Erebuni Fortress, and according to their allegations, the present-day city of Yerevan originates from it. According to historian Rizvan Huseynov, as public interest to the excavations around Yerevan increased, the first seeds of Armenian falsifications regarding the city’s history emerged.