25 декабря 2015 г.


On December 24, 2015 at the Institute on Human Rights of ANAS was held the ceremony award of medal and certificate named after Prof. Rovshan Mustafayev by Rovshan Mustafayev International Fund and the Human Rights Institute of ANAS. As known, the late Professor Rovshan Mustafayev was the first doctor of political sciences on the Caucasus and the author of several books, revealing the true face of Armenians. Under his scientific supervision was published brief chronological encyclopedia “Crimes of Armenian terrorist and bandit formations against humanity (XIX-XXI centuries)”. In 2008, Rovshan Mustafayev’s last book “Death Marches” was awarded a diploma of “International Eurasia Press Fund” as the best scientific research on the theme of international terrorism.

Medal and a certificate named Professor Rovshan Mustafayev is awarded once a year. One of the conditions for the award is to provide irrefutable scientific facts about the Armenian issue. This year the awards were handed to a worthy scientists of the Institute of Human Rights - Abbas Islamov and Rizvan Huseynov.

In opening speech of the event, director of the Institute on Human Rights of ANAS, Member of Parliament Ayten Mustafayeva noted the facts of vandalism in the occupied Azerbaijani lands, Armenia appropriation of the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan, and also that Armenia is an aggressor state, the non-compliant standards and the principles of international law. Ayten Mustafayeva also mentioned that Institute on Human Rights appreciates the work of scientists A.Islamov and R. Huseynov, fully proving false and terrorist policy of Armenia, and considers them the most worthy candidates for the award of the medal and certificate named after Prof. Rovshan Mustafayev.

A. Islamov’s Moses Khorenatsi’s false history of hais and R.Huseynov’s Azerbaijan and the Armenian issue on Caucasus books, published in 2015, provide the world community reliable facts, revealing the essence of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and exposing the criminal image of the Armenian, as well as evidence of an attempt of falsification and appropriation of all sources by the Armenians who are alien element to the Caucasus. These studies proving that Armenia is a country - an accomplice of terrorists, supporting separatism.

At the event participated scientists, researchers and media representatives.