12 октября 2015 г.

It is no secret that the Russian aviation flies to bomb positions of the Syrian fighters through territories of Azerbaijan

The world has time of a huge geopolitical break now; on its strength the second break after falling of the Berlin wall and collapse of the USSR. Moscow comes back to the arena of world politics, in many respects, compensating a terrible failure of the end of the 80’s — the beginning of the 90’s. Russia initiated successful military operation in Syria, having offered itself as the leader of the new anti-terrorist coalition.
The world community didn’t recover from amazement yet, but it is time for the responsible authorities, if not to revaluate values, but to specify its foreign policy priorities. What is the next forecast for prompt development of the international situation, and what should Azerbaijan wait from new geopolitical reality in which it still should develop the position adequate to the happening changes? Poll of Vesti.Az news agency was devoted to these subjects.

Elena Kasumova, the associate professor of political science of Academy of the State administration at the President of Azerbaijan:
— I absolutely don’t agree with those political scientists who consider that Putin, like “jack-in-the box”, jumped out on the world scene, having tired out the whole Ukrainian crisis on information boondocks by one Syrian zigzag. And at the same time he showed all senselessness of the anti-Russian sanctions. It is about time to get used to the fact that the Kremlin prepares all the large-scale foreign policy campaigns for curves of military operations, surrounding them with a strong veil of the distracting maneuvers, misinformation and concealment. But it became clear after the Munich speech of Putin that “come back” of Moscow is inevitable. And blitzkriegs in Georgia and the Crimea, as well as revival of the Russian army from ashes with its prompt rearmament and uncountable exercises, are a realization of those claims that were put forward by the Russian president in the Bavarian capital.
Now Moscow feels so surely that it suggested creating the world anti-terrorist coalition just like Allies of World war II. With expansion of information center of the Russian Federation, Iraq, Iran and Syria in Baghdad the pro-Russian coalition already started writing its own history. Especially as the world somehow forgot to celebrate the other day anniversary of creation of the anti-ISIS coalition headed by the USA to which more than 60 states joined. They have different approaches to problems of Syria, first of all, in the context of preservation of the regime of Bashar al-Assad and even his personal destiny. But any coalition doesn’t consider events in Syria as world existential crisis – “sacred war between the Muslim and Christian world”.
However such rogue state after all was found. It is Armenia. The president Sargsyan, whose team decided that “collision of civilizations” began, hurried to declare Armenia the “punishing mankind sword” lifted over the head of Muslim Azerbaijan, and Nagorno-Karabakh is “an integral part of Armenia”. The surprised mankind didn’t react to a demarche of the Armenian president in any way. Attempt of the Armenian elite “to catch a small fish in muddy water” shamefully failed, but Baku shouldn’t allow the international community to forget about it. Through any channels that are diplomatic, cultural, youth, information that Yerevan, actually, recognized annexation of Karabakh should be known to the world. Besides, it plays the most destructive role, passing off the Karabakh conflict as civilization one. The silliest recognition of Sargsyan has to be most effectively used by our diplomacy in the Karabakh negotiation process.
Rizvan Huseynov, the director of the Center of history of the Caucasus, the research associate of Institute on human rights of ANAS:
— Development of the situation around Syria specifies that it reached the culmination as Russia openly entered the military conflict on Bashar al-Assad’s party. Actually now Russia compensates its passivity during war in Libya when support of official Moscow could even rescue Muammar Gaddafi and, perhaps, to keep relative stability in the region. If Russia allowed squeezing out itself from Syria and the Mediterranean, it would turn back accident for the Russian geopolitical interests, like that happened to the USSR after delivery of countries of Eastern Europe. This mistake made by the Kremlin management of that time led by Mikhail Gorbachev turned back loss of influence on huge regions in Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.
It is obvious that the destiny of not only the Russian interests, but also interests of Iran, Iraq, Turkey and other political players is decided in Syria nowadays. In this situation Azerbaijan absolutely fairly supports a position of Russia on the Syrian question, and it is no secret that the Russian aviation flies to bomb positions of the Syrian fighters through territories of Azerbaijan, Iran and Iraq. The chaos in this region of the Mediterranean can threaten interests of Azerbaijan as sale and transportation by sea of the Azerbaijani oil from the Turkish port Ceyhan is carried out in its space.
There is one more reason, according which it isn’t difficult to understand support of the Syrian authorities from Iran, Iraq and Azerbaijan that are the countries with the considerable Shiite population. Threat from ISIS and other similar terrorist educations which are carrying out interests of anyone, but only not of the Islamic world, undoubtedly, excites Azerbaijan. It should be noted that almost all leading Islamic scientists and theologians of the world accurately called ISIS and similar groups that have anything to do with Muslims and Islamic dogma. Moreover, Islamic scientists openly designated ISIS the direct enemy of Muslims and Islam. In this situation the position of Russia can cause sympathies and support among Muslims of the different countries. It is necessary to hope that Russia won’t stick in the Syrian conflict and will manage to consider a factor of changeability of sympathies of “the Arab street”.
Translation: Gulustan.info
Source: Vesti.az, Vugar Gasanov