17 февраля 2013 г.

Eyvaz Huseynov: "The villagers destroyed Garadagly best Armenian mercenaries Aramo groups, Arabo and Monte Melkonian"

February 17, 1992 Armenian troops of mercenaries Aramo, Arabo and Avo (Monte Melkonian), relying on the fire support of the 366th Motorized Rifle Regiment of the CIS, stationed in Khankendi, occupied the strategically important village Garadagli. In the battles for Garadagly killed 91 people, 54 of whom were killed in one day. In general, in the fight against the Armenian mercenaries  there have been killed 145 people (15 women and 13 children) in  Khojavend

The men of the local defense battalion fought to the last round, have shown unprecedented heroism, however, left without assistance, were surrounded. Several of them were captured by Armenian fighters, but were able to hit the enemy manpower.

1news.az  has conducted an exclusive interview with  Khojavend Eyvaz Huseynov  who was the commander of the unit self-Karabakh war veteran, current chief executive Khojavend.

As far as I know, the village was on a par with Garadagly Khojaly one of the most strategic points in the Nagorno-Karabakh, as there were a main road Martuni-Khankendi, in connection with which Armenian fighters have always sought to capture these items. 
When they began to thicken clouds over Garadagly?

- In February 1988, after the Armenian nationalists of Nagorno-Karabakh regional council adopted an unconstitutional decision to withdraw from the Azerbaijani SSR and the transition in the Armenian SSR began clouds are gathering over the Azeri population of the region. Prior to that, we have repeatedly appealed to Baku, to the leadership of the various party and government officials with letters that the Armenian side is preparing anti-Azerbaijani statements intended to incite conflict and secession from the republic. We announce the start of it all is actively supported by the emissaries of Armenia and eventually turn into big problems for the Azeri population. The fact that the armed Armenian extremists openly threatened us, so we have no illusions about the peace did not resolve the situation.

The situation exploded after the February 1988 recognized the Armenian SSR was a legitimate decision of the Regional Council of Nagorno-Karabakh from Azerbaijan transition in Armenia. Had the military situation, began actively arming the Armenian population and the transfer of foreign mercenaries in the region. Azerbaijani village of Martuni - now Khojavend in a precarious position, had almost no communication with the center and we had to decide the issue of protecting the lives of their families and communities. Then the villagers began to build self-defense units were set up posts, dug trenches and done everything possible for the defense of the Armenian mercenaries.

- When did you realize that the village has been attacked Garadagly various Armenian groups, groups of mercenaries and 366 units of SMEs?

- The fact that since 1988 the Azerbaijani settlements Khojavend constantly attacked by Armenian mercenaries. Gradually the village Garadagly and other compressed into a ring by the Armenian gangs and we were in a state of siege. The situation worsened after on the initiative of the Armenian SSR in Moscow received an order to disarm the local Azeri population. Against the background of the fact that heavily armed Armenian mercenaries had already armored vehicles and rocket launchers, staged an attack on us in the Azerbaijani villages were introduced by the Soviet troops who took away all the villagers' hunting rifles and Lithuania will have to have a firearm.

We stayed with his bare hands in the face to be cut out by the Armenian mercenaries. Then the commanders of the self-defense groups and residents of Azerbaijani villages for their money by selling their property, livestock, jewelry, had to buy shotguns for defense, although it is unrealistic to resist well-armed detachments of the Armenian mercenaries, supported by the Soviet 366 SMEs. But the people were the most powerful weapon - even unbending desire with their lives does not give the land of their fathers Armenian newcomers. Unfortunately, despite our request, numerous visits villagers in Baku us no help from the leadership of Azerbaijan did not arrive.

- When fighting broke out in a life and death around Garadagly?

- All 4 years, from 1988 to 1992, we in arms fought off the attack of Armenian gangs. The situation worsened after again at the request of the Armenian SSR, Soviet leadership ordered the Azerbaijani authorities to forcibly remove all of the Nagorno-Karabakh Azeri refugees who were expelled from Armenia. I think this is a huge mistake Abdulrahman Vezirov and leadership of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan, which, going on about the Armenian side and the Allied powers, the power of expelled refugees and transported them to Baku and other cities of Azerbaijan. The fact that Armenians originally were afraid of us knew what we can do, and when they began to arrive Azerbaijani refugees from Armenia, the Armenian population, among which was dominated by panic in general was preparing to move away to Armenia.

In this complex situation, in November 1991, the Armenian soldiers, feeling complete impunity, began to implement a plan for the forcible expulsion of the Azeri population. For Armenian mercenaries was important to ensure their advantage in the strategically important roads Khojavend-Khankendi and Khankendi-Askeran-Agdam, and therefore they decided to destroy all the Azerbaijani villages located on this road. October 31, 1991 the Armenians had been occupied by the village of Tyr and Salakendli Khojavend.

Then, November 19, 1991 with 366 SMEs Armenian bandits were captured a small village Khojavend Azerbaijan, near the district center of Martuni (now Khojavend), then began a 4-month siege of the village and Garadagly Khojaly standing on these important roads in Khankendi. We understood that Armenians want to expand military operations in Nagorno-Karabakh and our villages prevented them from advancing the front line and provide troops with everything you need. We also knew that without the support of the Baku we just slaughtered all here, we did not have any illusions about this.

- In this situation, what actions were taken by you to protect and save their lives?

- The next day, the morning of November 20, Armenians expelled villagers Khojavend and our other villages sent a delegation to demand help from the leadership of Azerbaijan. We gathered in the Agdam and began to demand that we assisted the government of the republic. The town has arrived in a helicopter government delegation led by Secretary of State of Azerbaijan, now deceased Tofig Ismayilov. We demanded that the republic's leadership has taken steps to protect us. Then Tofik Ismailov said that they fly in the village occupied by Armenians Khojavend to clarify the situation and negotiations with the Armenian side. Our elders have tried to explain T. Ismailov, that we should not go there, that the Armenian mercenaries who kill all the same: the villagers or the representatives of the Azerbaijani leadership.

But representatives of the government delegation did not realize that Karabakh is already a real war and still flew in that direction. In the end, November 20, 1991 near the village of Martuni Garakend (Khojavand) region of Nagorno-Armenian militants shot down a government helicopter, carrying the best sons of the Azerbaijani peacekeepers from Russia and Kazakhstan. From thermal rocket fired by Armenian fighters, helicopter crashed, burned to the ground and killing all 22 people on board.

- Even after the terrorist attack November 20, 1991, committed by Armenian fighters, nothing has been taken to protect the Azerbaijani lands and people?

- The fact of the matter is that after the destruction of the governmental delegation of the Azerbaijani leadership came the shock that was received by the Armenian side as a signal to open the occupation of Azerbaijani lands. From that day the village fell into Garadagly complete encirclement of the Armenian mercenaries, then stopped and the connection through the air, since the Armenian bandits fired missiles at and released him. Then we have with a small party made their way to the village Garadagly to organize his defense and the removal therefrom of children, women and the elderly. At this point in the village, there were about 900 people.

Our task was to ensure the withdrawal of all forces out of the population that did not happen that the Armenian vandalism, we have witnessed in ten days - February 26, 1992 in Khojaly. Near the village was Garadagly Kenhurd Armenian village - birthplace of the famous ideologist of the Armenian national-fascist writer Zori Balayan, a land connection with the district center of Martuni (Khojavend) and other Armenian villages up to the city of Khankendi was broken. That is, Armenian militants were placed everywhere positions, but the Azeri village Garadagly was an obstacle that prevented them to unite their forces: the Armenians even had to build a new bypass road - that's because they were afraid of us.

- Your party and the people themselves Garadagly know that they are doomed in the literal sense of being destroyed by Armenian mercenaries?

- Yes, they all knew that inevitably perish, and in this situation had to do something to save the nearly 900 residents of the village, because of any assistance to Baku not to be expected. None of the can to keep guns in their hands do not want to leave Garadagly and they are willing to give a life for their lands. Then, 12 and 16 January 1992, the radio people Garadagly we were told that around the village are going to major armed factions of the Armenian mercenaries and 366 SMEs, which are prepared to completely destroy this town and its inhabitants.

We decided to take a desperate step, a small group of a sudden attack on the regional center of Martuni (Khojavend) in order to distract the group from the Armenian village Garadagly, so they moved their hand to us. At night, January 12, our squad attacked Martuni, where the headquarters of the Armenian troops Aramo, Arabo and Avo and fighting has replaced them with some of the city. The Armenians suffered heavy casualties and were forced to call for help troops, surrounded the village Garadagli. Using this, our other group has been able to export part of the population of the village.

Then, on January 16, when Garadagly again was surrounded by a dense ring of Armenian troops, our group again struck a sudden blow to the district center of Martuni and captured most of the city and caused extensive damage to the enemy's manpower. At this point, the Armenians stormed the village Garadagly, but know that we have captured half of Martuni, were forced to stop the fight and redeploy their forces to save the district center. In this battle, we are not only caused damage to the enemy, and destroyed armored vehicles and took a large quantity of arms and ammunition and then retreated, since our aim was to distract the enemy and save the villagers Garadagli.

- Double-capturing den Armenian mercenaries in Martuni (Khojavend), you could somehow help the villagers Garadagly?

- These two successful operations in Martuni allowed us to deduce from the village Garadagly almost the entire population. The village was a detachment of young men, flatly refused to surrender without a fight Garadagli. February 12 the Armenians captured the neighboring Azerbaijani villages and Malybeyli Gushchular. Armenian mercenaries then constantly attacked Garadagly, and we knew that their goal is to capture this one remaining between Azerbaijani village of Martuni (Khojavend) and Stepanakert (Khankendi). Armenian field commander Avo (Monte Melkonian) instructed his thugs in order to capture all costs the village. Then from 14 to 17 February with the support of 366 SMEs by the Armenian mercenaries from Arabo groups Aramo and began a 4-day storm Garadagly, but even these forces failed to capture the village. Killed more than 60 experienced Armenian mercenaries had been transferred here from abroad. Self-detachment of the villagers Garadagly fought to the last and only after Armenian troops managed to enter the village and captured the survivors of 118 people.

- That is, young people Garadagly presented the real lesson of the Armenian mercenaries Aramo groups, Arabo and Avo Monte Melkonian?

- Yes, it was a real lesson in the Armenian bandits and an example of courage and heroism for all of us. Having captured the village, the Armenian thugs brutally murdered there in the village of 33 of our guys, then loaded the rest of the trucks and drove away Khankendi. On the way Armenian Nazis decided to make a bloody "show": gathered the Armenian population of the neighboring villages and stopped the convoy of prisoners Garadagly people, shooting them in groups in front of the crowd. When stopped at the village of Jamiat trucks and there was a cry of "10 people down!" Jumped thirty of our boys and opened his chest, shouting: "Shoot all of us! Anyway, we punished you for dragons, and now can safely die on our land! ". At one of these "stops" our young captive warrior, hid in the hands of a grenade, detonated it and killed along with a large group of Armenian mercenaries.

In the eyes of the audience of children, women and people of Armenian villages were murdered, brutally tortured and beheaded dozens of prisoners. Thus to Khankendi reached only 52 people alive - less than half were captured in Garadagli. In total, the battle for Garadagly killed 91 people - every tenth inhabitant of the village.

Unparalleled heroism and bravery of the young villagers Garadagly should become an example for all of the Azerbaijani youth. These young boys were able to destroy a large number of experienced terrorists and mercenaries from various countries who came to fight for money on the Armenian side. Residents were able to withstand the most Garadagly prepared the Armenian contingent of mercenaries Aramo, Arabo and Avo, characterized animal cruelty.

Rizvan Huseynov

Garadagly Chronicles: Mercenaries Monte Melkonian on the Armenian public's eyes shot and brutally abused by Azerbaijanis

Surviving villagers Garadagly testify against Armenian terrorists groups from Monte Melkonian, Aramo and Arabic.

February 17, 1992 Armenian troops mercenaries Aramo, Arabo and Avo (Monte Melkonian), relying on the fire support of the 366th Motorized Rifle Regiment of the CIS, stationed in Khankendi, occupied the strategically important village Garadagli. In the battles for Garadagly killed 91 people, 54 of whom were killed in one day. In general, in the fight against the Armenian mercenaries Khojavend killed 145 people (15 women and 13 children).

The men of the local defense battalion fought to the last round, have shown unprecedented heroism, however, left without assistance, were surrounded. Several of them were captured by Armenian fighters, but here the guys were able to hit the enemy manpower.

The events of those days full of heroism and tragedy, told 1news.az surviving villagers Garadagly Khojavend.

Nagiyev Seyyur Khanlar oglu, born in 1961, a resident of the village Garadagly:

In early 1988, we learned that in the regional center of Martuni (Khojavend) Armenians hold meetings, which calls for the expulsion of the Azerbaijani population of the region. At first we did not pay much importance to all this, but then began the first bombings and attacks by Armenian troops, drawn from local and mercenaries. We realized that it takes a serious turn and the situation is complicated by the fact that there was no help and support from Baku we do not do that.

For four years, from 1988 to 1992., Residents Garadagly stood at their posts and defending their village, which the Armenian troops gradually shrank from all sides in the ring. It's been 4 years of attacks, terror and murder by the Armenian bandits. In November 1991 the village fell into Garadagly complete encirclement and until February 1992, we, the residents of the village, with a small squad, led by Eyvazov Huseynov, successfully defended themselves against the Armenian mercenary troops Avo, Aramo, and Arabo.

Then from 14 to 17 February with the support of the 366th Motorized Rifle Regiment CIS Armenian mercenaries began a 4-day storm Garadagly, but even all these forces are not able to break our resistance and capture the village. Advocates and the villagers defended to the last bullet and killed over fifty selected Armenian mercenaries. Only after we ran out of ammunition, Armenian troops were able to approach and take the survivors prisoner. At the same time the Armenian side promised that will not kill the captive inhabitants Garadagly, but right here on the site were brutally killed 33 people.

Of these, 23 people were killed in the town of Armenian butchers «Beylik bagı». Then shot and wounded, buried alive in a pit silo. Then on the way to Khankendi were collected inhabitants of Armenian villages, we stopped several times in front of the audience staged a "show": a group of prisoners were shot, others beheaded and brutally tortured. To all this, watching the assembled women and children from the nearby Armenian villages. Thus, several dozen prisoners were landed and shot. Then the two prisoners were killed by the stream Zeki, two in the village of Jamiat.

As a result of the 110 people captured in Garadagly, to live Khankendi reached 52 people. Marching to death the prisoners shouting Armenian mercenaries in the face: "This is our land, we are glad that your mothers forced to cry and can now die in peace on our land!".

I, along with other prisoners remained forty days in captivity in Khankendi, where prisoners were tortured and humiliated. Once in Khankendi was attended by representatives of the "Red Cross" and then we swapped and expelled from the Armenian captivity. Of the 52 prisoners survived and came back 45. Among those killed was my brother.

Aliyev Tayyar Amirkhan oglu, born in 1964, a police officer sat Garadagly:

As a resident of the village and the police (when police) I know the whole chronicle of the Armenian terrorism in our region and what these bandits guide patrons in neighboring Armenia and Moscow. In order to scare people Garadagly and force them to leave the village systematically committed acts of terror and murder by Armenian groups.

November 24, 1990 3 Garadagly residents were massacred by Armenian bandits near the road Khojavend-Khankendi.

Rizvan Huseynov