6 февраля 2012 г.


Approval of the Senate of France, a Bill to criminalize the denial of the genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire caused a storm of emotions in Zakavkavkaz′e. On pages BakuToday This topic in recent days has been given enough attention. As browser BakuToday from Baku, the same theme was devoted to a round table with the participation of a number of experts, held on 29 January. Speakers at the Roundtable, experts discussed a decision by the French authorities and its implications for the region from the Maghreb to the Caspian Sea. 

Rizvan Huseynov, political analyst, journalist:

“Apparently, part of the French establishment and, primarily, President Sarkozy became part of a political game by anti-Turkish powerful world political circles, close to Israel and its lobbyists in the West. Thus, the current Israeli Government and the Jewish lobby “take vengeance on” Turkey for its strong anti-Israel policies and tough stance on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The choice of France as “cudgels” against Turkey was not accidental, because the current French President Nicolas Sarkozy is in fact a political bankruptcy dependent influential lobbying interests outside of France. These forces are interested in creating new pressures on Turkey, which becomes very significant State not only in the region, but in the world. 

These politicians seeking to impede the growth of the influence of Turkey in the Middle East, Europe and North Africa, have decided to force France to plunge into confrontation with Turkey. In the West, and especially in Europe, are seriously worried the trend neoosmanskogo current cultivation by the Turkish authorities, both domestically and internationally. With regard to the adoption by the Senate of France, a Bill to criminalize the denial of the so-called “Armenian genocide”, it seems, this law is approved by President Sarkozy. After all, if not ecstatic, must understand that in this case France waiting for big problems not only with Turkey but also with the European Union and with the West in General, as a bastion of democratic values and freedoms. Indeed, the act directly violates French law, and the 10-th article of the European Convention on human rights, the creator and sponsor of which was France itself.

The criticism has not yet approved the law already made by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, saying that “in the United States we don’t punish people for their comments. People can talk about whatever they want. ” In her view, the question of the recognition of the “Armenian genocide” should address not policy, and historians, and the involvement of the State to deal with such issues is a very dangerous practice. I think the President of France, n. Sarkozy, obviously mad enough not to sign the law on the criminalization, adopted by the Senate. He may try to sink it by organizing collection of signatures of dissent to the Bill, deputies of the Senate, which sent its request to the Constitutional Court of France, would not allow the law to acquire legal force “.