Political Scientist Rizvan Huseynov.
Around Iran in recent months, there are various political games in order to compel the authorities of that country some radical steps, which will be justified by the West as a pretext for direct intervention in the Affairs of the Islamic Republic. In this game is not focused on Azerbaijan, which is not just a border with Iran, but also has a centuries-old culture, religion and common traditions. However, the most powerful lever of influence is almost 30 million. Azeris in Iran, which has always been the most active segment of the socio-political life of the IRI.

And most important point in this "Azerbaijan map scenario West is attracting the geopolitical" Solitaire "of the Azerbaijani Republic, as an active conductor anti-Iran policies. But as the experience of recent years, the official Baku, both soft and hard form more than once gave to understand that he is not going to spoil relations with the Iranian neighbour, as it does not originate from national, foreign and geoeconomic interests of Azerbaijan. It should be noted that outside forces still do not lose hope for a possible confrontation in the Azerbaijani-Iranian relations and are looking for any possible ways for the development of such a scenario. In particular, in the opinion of experts, the recent sensational murder in Baku, the Azerbaijani writer and publicist Rafiq Tagi, an element of the script on the deterioration of the Azerbaijani-Iranian relations. Recall that an attack against Rafiq Tagi, famous for its antiiranskimi articles in the media, took place late in the evening of 19 November near his home, where an unknown seven stabbed him. R. Taghi then managed to get to the House, where he were "quick", and took him to hospital. Here he went to the amendment, he was transferred from intensive care in a normal House and even managed to give an interview to Azerbaijani TV channels, which ruled the Iranian trail in the attack on him. However, a few days later, on November 23, r. Taghi has sharply deteriorated and he died in hospital. According to the doctor Nizameddina Askerova, "death by asphyxiation"-i.e. from oxygen starvation or suffocation.

Naturally, all these developments quickly formed a coherent chain which clearly navodila version that r. Taghi killed radical proiranskie force for his publicist activities and criticism of the Iranian regime. This version increases and what the MEDIA walked rumor that one of the Iranian ayatollahs issued a fatwa that Rafiq Tagi death. Recall that a few years ago resonance in Azerbaijan caused article Rafiq Tagi "Europe and us", in which the author criticized about Islam and Prophet Muhammad. Disaffected Muslims staged a rally in Baku, which made the writer "death sentence". However, r. Taqi was arrested and then sent to prison for inciting religious hatred ". He was later pardoned. The interest to his personality completely asleep. So much so that in Azerbaijan there Rafiq Tagi is a galaxy of journalists, publicists, politicians and all kinds of personalities who pohleŝe his criticizing Iran and political order in the country. Iran is trying not to focus its attention on this, and so no longer calls for the physical destruction of critics from Azerbaijan, limited flow of anti-Azerbaijani materials in the Iranian media and on television.

In a situation where the world's attention focused on Iran, the authorities of that country, try not to make any sudden movements against neighbouring States, including Azerbaijan. The murder of Rafiq Tagi in this situation, just did not play into the hands of Iran, for which this and other Azerbaijani critics do not represent the principal threat. It is fully satisfied with the external forces of high-profile political assassinations, which may create tension and so troubled the Azerbaijani-Iranian relations. Since version Rafiq Tagi was furnished and presented in a colour, to avoid doubt and Iranian intelligence agents involved in the crime.

A possible overreaction of Azerbaijan for similar murders, in the opinion of the external forces may result in acceptance of the official Baku "make friends with the West against Iran". However, the story of the murder of Rafiq Tagi, does not become a reason for the apparent worsening of the Azerbaijani-Iranian relations, but it should not think that the West will continue to test other tricks borrowed from detective novels by Agatha Christie.

We think it would be appropriate from the Azerbaijani themes in the Iranian issue, go to the events surrounding Iran took place in November-early December, with a view to display the Tehran authorities themselves, that they went on the trail of Syrian, Egyptian, Libyan, or any other script "Arab spring".
In November, Western special services held in Iran, a number of sabotage, weakened capacity of the AIR DEFENSE, aviation and missile armament of the Iranian army. In particular, son 12 November blast at the missile base, Amir Al-Momejnin near Tehran significantly delayed the development of the missile programme of the Centre. The resulting explosion killed 17, including a senior commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Chief of the programme for the development of long-range missiles Hasan Moghaddam. He was head of programmes for the development of various types of artillery and missile weapons, including missiles, "Shihab" and "Sedžil′", which according to Western experts pose a serious threat to neighbouring countries, especially Israel. Explosion in Iranian base was so powerful that the military base was destroyed completely.

Then, on the night of November 23 Iranian arms depots exploded Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. Later, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Siyasa reported deaths were three officers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps of Iran.
After this, 28 November was followed by a serious explosion in the Iranian city of Isfahan, where eventually damaged nuclear facility; more precisely, as a implies browsers store uranium raw material. The main purpose of such sabotage is the destruction of AIR DEFENSE systems, missile bases, nuclear facilities, research centres, in one way or another linked to missile and nuclear program of Iran.
All this could not withdraw from the Tehran authorities first accused of sabotage in the Uk that ultimately resulted in the seizure of 29 November, the Embassy in Tehran, taking of hostages and deported its diplomats.

Then it became known that Iran was taking further steps to enhance the preparedness of its armed forces in case of "unforeseen developments". According to information received, the Commander of an elite Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), General Mohammad Ali Jafari ordered the deployment of long-range missiles in secret areas in various parts of the country ". Iran's AIR FORCE had established special units to respond quickly in the event a "possible incursions into enemy airspace."
But West decided to go a little further and check out how seriously morally and politically prepared his army for sabotage, and in the future and possible attacks from the air.
Iran's response is not long to wait, and 4 December, the Iranian AIRCRAFT shot down an American bespilotnik who collected the data for the CIA and for many years conducted reconnaissance flights over the Iranian air from the United States in Afghanistan. It became clear that the Iranian AIR DEFENSE and air force "is not watchful and clearly established chain" detection-alert-eliminate "airspace violators.

So much so that the downing of Jet bespilotnik RQ-170-one of the newest American Development, recently received a United States Army. The RQ-170 is bespilotnikom-"his invisible", discover which may even not all defense systems available to NATO. There is no doubt that the American military strategists had led in the gloom of the fact that Iranian radar and air defense system, can easily shoot down latest "Invisibles". Moreover, Iran has proved that can not only shoot down bespilotniki and do it so that they reach them intact. American experts now fear that all the technologies that were used when creating the RQ-170, known first Iranian military engineers, and their allies in Russia and China.

Reaction from the White House over the downed bespilotnika was announced through the Press Secretary Jay Carney, and showed that Washington strategists significantly been tempered and do not want to play at this stage with Iran "in vojnuški". Jay Carney, commenting on the fact the downed bespilotnika, noted that the United States does not intend to start military action against Iran in response to the incident with the unmanned spy plane on the plane. According to her, the position of the United States towards Iran unchanged after the accident. "While the White House prefers to isolate Iran and pressure tactics on him with the help of sanctions and other measures," said j. Carney. In summary, it may be noted that, apparently, at least in the winter of 2011-2012, it is possible to predict a recession interest West increase passions around the Iranian issue and find alternative ways of putting pressure on Iran. Perhaps United States, as before, will focus on the use of various types of economic sanctions and embargoes against Iran and will not further escalate the situation aggressive military-political manoeuvres.