21 мая 2017 г.

On May 19, 2017, was held a meeting between co-coordinator of Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Platform from Azerbaijan Orkhan Nabiyev, members of Peace Platform: chairman of the International Eurasian Press Fund (IEPF) Umud Mirzaev, senior researcher of the Institute of Law and Human Rights of ANAS Rizvan Huseynov, with Chair of Association of European Journalists, member of Association of Turkish Journalist Adnan Fishenk.

Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Platform’s press service told APA that during the meeting, Mr. Fishenk was informed in detail with the work of Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Platform.

Then Adnan Fishenk expressed his fully support to the ideas of Peace Platform, singed the act of support to Peace Platform, and make the statement about joining to Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Platform.

The statement says: 
“I consider that the peaceful settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict as the only correct way. At the same time, iexpress my support and respect to territorial integrity, sovereignty and internationally recognized borders of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Also, I want to emphasize the importance of implementation of relevant resolutions of UN Security Council, including resolutions and decisions adopted by other international organizations. In the same time, I would like to state the necessity of activities of 
OSCE Minsk Group towards the peaceful solution of the conflict.

Armenians and Azerbaijanis have lived in peace for centuries. But as the result of unresolved conflict, the opinion of young generations in both countries has formed in the context of war. I support peaceful co-existence of nations and the settlement of the conflict that has been lasting for a long time.

For the reasons given above, I express my respect to peace initiative, and join to “Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Platform”, which aimed at solution of Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno